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WOBORD, the Start-Up


Started as a small factory workshop in 2003 with manufacturing lighting products in the name of WABO Lighting Manufacturing Factory to give its local customers value and expand by keeping a narrow profit margin for the commercial sector, proved spectacularly successful, that was the foundation of the company that would become "WOBORD".


As time went on, prices may have changed, but the business philosophy stayed the same “offer consumers products they need at prices they can afford and they'll keep coming back”.


WOBORD Expands


In 2005, it began to acquire WABO Lighting Manufacturing Factory as one of the major manufacturers of LED Lighting Products to fill gaps in its further development and wide products range, and established itself as a leading supplier in CHINA for creating the new "WOBORD".


In 2006, it opened its own international business areas ("WIBA") to further expand its international markets for completing its strategic target.


"WOBORD" is always positioned to lead our industry in one of its most significant revolution since the beginning.


We invite you to explore our rich history and see how we have continually evolved our company to keep pace with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and society as a whole.


 The begging of WOBORD 

the Original Building of WOBORD


WOBORD Interactive Timeline




Birth of WABO Lighting Manufacturing Factory


(Auto LED Headlights, Auto LED Work Lights, Auto LED Light Bars, Auto LED Fog Lights)




WOBORD Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. by acquiring WABO Lighting Manufacturing Factory to create new “WOBORD”


(Auto LED Headlights, Auto LED Work Lights, Auto LED Light Bars, Auto LED Fog Lights, Auto Mirrors, Auto Accessories)




WOBORD sets up its international business areas into international market



WOBORD strengthens cooperation with global large international distributors together to make further worldwide expansion

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