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International Business Areas
Please click “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AREAS OVERVIEW” in left side for “WIBA” profile as a strong international business department of WOBORD Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.; mainly exports the premium Auto LED Lights and Auto Accessories:: Auto Mirrors - Auto Tools, warmly welcome your inquires: business@wobord.com
Premium CPE Gowns 1- good water and oil proof. 2- great for health protection. WOBORD CORP, invest the new manufac..
Premium Disposable 3-PLY Medical Face Mask 1. Disposable 3-Layer Face Masks  2. Anti-Dust Breathable Earloop Mouth Face Mask  3. Co..
Premium Disposable 3-PLY Face Mask 1- Packing quantity: 50PCS 2- Material: Non-woven & MELT BLOWN material 3- Adjustable nose s..
Premium KN95 Face Mask 1. Disposable Face Masks 2. Anti-Dust Breathable Earloop Mouth Face Mask 3. Used for general hea..
Premium Nitrile Gloves 1. Disposable Nitrile Gloves 2. Material: 100% Nitrile (Free Powder) 3. Used for medical health ca..
Premium PVC Gloves (Vinyl Gloves) 1. Disposable PVC Gloves 2. Material: PVC 3. Used for general public places 4. Size: S/M/L/XL ..
Premium Latex Gloves (Powder & Free Powder) 1. Disposable Latex Gloves 2. Material: 100% Latex (With Powder Latex Gloves & Free Powder Late..
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